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Our Story

Invicta Dental & Healthcare Consulting, established in 2021, is a global firm specializing in executive coaching, strategic planning, operational excellence, and connecting clients with industry experts. We aim to deliver measurable improvements in purpose, people, process, and performance, resulting in enhanced culture, leadership effectiveness, and increased profitability. Partner with Invicta for improved accountability, strategic alignment, revenue growth, and enhanced enterprise valuation.

How We Can Help

Invicta Dental & Healthcare empowers emerging DSOs, Multi-site Healthcare Service Organizations, private equity firms, dental distribution, manufacturing, and lab companies with customized consultation and strategic advisory services. Our comprehensive solutions include Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, Advisory Services, Business Coaching, Operational Process Improvement & Execution, and exclusive access to industry-leading experts. Partner with us to achieve your goals, maximize outcomes, and enhance your enterprise’s overall value.

And Leadership

Our Executive Leadership Coaching is designed to develop clinicians as leaders and provide the tools necessary to succeed.

Advisory Services and
Situational Business Coaching

Our Strategic Planning service provides customized solutions that align with your organizational goals, values and procedures.

Enhancing Process
And Execution

Our comprehensive process improvement service examines existing operations, identify areas of growth, and delivers solutions.

Subject Matter
Expert Connectivity

Our Networking Services facilitate connections with industry-leading experts and valuable resources to ensure your practice’s success.

Invicta's Evaluation Method

Helping Organizations To Succeed

The success and growth of a company can be attributed to four key pillars contributing to a company’s success and growth: Purpose, People, Process, and Performance. Purpose and people form the foundation of a company’s culture and values, while process serves as the means by which the company’s goals are achieved. Performance, in turn, is the measure of the company’s success in achieving those goals.

A company that has a clear and compelling purpose, and is focused on its people, is more likely to build a culture of trust and engagement that encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration. When people are connected to a shared purpose, they are more likely to be committed to achieving the company’s goals, which in turn drives performance.

If Purpose and People, through great leadership, is our Why and Process defines our How, then our What is measured in the Culture & Performance “Results” of an organization leading to increased value of the company.

An organization's culture is a reflection of the values of its team. The vision, mission, values, and operating behaviors set the foundation for the culture, but it is the people who bring those principles to life.


Our processes defines how we strategically plan, how we govern to ensure positive accountability at all levels, how we lead, and how we deliver an unparalleled patient experience


If purpose and people, through great leadership, is our Why and processes define our How, then our What is measured in the performance “results” of an organization leading to increased value of the company.

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El Dorado Hills, CA


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