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Invicta Dental & Healthcare Consulting, established in 2021, is a renowned global consulting firm specializing in four core service areas:

(1) Executive coaching & Leadership Development
(2) Strategic Planning, Advisory Services and Situational Business Coaching
(3) Operational Excellence: Process Improvement & Execution
(4) Creating access and connecting our clients to industry-leading subject matter experts in a variety of business categories vital in growing a successful business.

At Invicta , our mission is clear and resolute: To inspire, elevate, and empower purpose-driven leaders. We are dedicated to helping them overcome obstacles and challenges, unlocking their full potential as leaders and in the quality and effectiveness of their decision-making. Through our efforts, we aim to create a positive impact on the culture, teams, performance, shareholders, and increase enterprise valuation. In partnership and collaboration with our clients, we will forge a path of growth, transformation, and success. Our mission’s foundation can be found in our 5 core company values: Trust, Purpose, Humility, Generosity and Impact.

Our primary goal is to deliver measurable improvements by conducting comprehensive assessments and reviews of organizations in four key areas: Purpose (Vision, Mission, Values & Operating Behaviors), People (Leadership Effectiveness & Team Health), Process: Operational Process & Results (KPIs), & Performance: Financial Performance. By aligning these 4 key pillars, we design customized coaching, strategic and operational improvement plans that emphasize high-impact and return opportunities. Through partnering with Invicta, clients benefit from enhanced culture, leadership effectiveness, strategic alignment, improved accountability, operational efficiency, revenue growth, profitability, and improved enterprise valuation.

With over 30 years of experience, we have cultivated a network of trusted subject matter experts who provide additional value based on individualized needs. Our mission at Invicta is to inspire, elevate, and empower purpose-driven leaders to overcome obstacles, unlock their full decision-making potential, and positively impact culture, teams, performance, shareholders, and enterprise valuation.

Koert Takkunen

Founder, CEO



Trust forms the bedrock of our organization, defined by the multiplication of credibility and compassion, divided by risk. We consistently choose integrity and the highest ethical standards, guided by faith-based principles.


We understand that prioritizing the needs of others in everything we do creates exponential value for all. Our future and success are intrinsically linked to the value and measured impact we bring to our clients.


We adopt a mindset of generosity, appreciating and expressing gratitude for the blessings we have today, as we extend kindness and support to others.


Acknowledging that the industry is constantly evolving, we humbly recognize that we may not possess all the answers or solutions. By fostering partnerships built on trust and collaboration, we discover the best solutions that yield impactful results.


Results are the measure of our success in aligning and executing our organization’s Purpose, People & Processes. We embrace results as our teacher, enabling us to objectively evaluate, learn, adapt, and optimize execution, accountability, and impact.


Koert Takkunen, an accomplished industry executive with an MBA, is the founder and CEO of Invicta Dental & Healthcare Consulting. With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades in the dental and healthcare sectors, Koert’s experience spans across distribution, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and operations. Most recently, he was an executive level leader at two notable DSOs: Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers owned by Aspen Dental and Pacific Dental Services.

In 2020, Koert envisioned a people-centered culture that promotes the right behaviors to drive exceptional performance. As one of the Presidents at Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers, a leading provider of comprehensive dental implant solutions with 78 centers across 30 states in the US, Koert delivered remarkable revenue and EBITDA performance. Moreover, he adeptly steered Clear Choice through the unprecedented challenges posed by the global Covid pandemic. Despite the adverse circumstances, Koert maintained revenue levels at an impressive 92% of pre-pandemic levels, surpassing industry averages.

In 2011, Koert partnered with the CEO of Pacific Dental Services (PDS), assuming the roles of Regional President, Operating Partner and Minority Owner in 16 GP-Hygiene dental offices with integrated specialties creating a one stop experience for patients.  With a continued focus on same office growth, he expanded his area into 5 distinct competitive markets growing the footprint to 67 fully integrated dental offices and 10 Pediatric-Orthodontic dedicated offices throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.  Through his leadership, the expanded footprint thrived under his guidance, achieving sustainable growth and exceptional performance. His business approach simplified the complexities of the industry, fostering clear goals, focused objectives, and increased enterprise value. This expansion extended into five highly competitive markets, encompassing both established and new practices. Collaborating closely with the founder and CEO of Pacific Dental Services as well as leveraging the platform, Koert’s leadership team achieved remarkable revenue and EBITDA growth, with figures rising from $19M to $150M (CAGR 17.8%) and $6M to $24M (CAGR 18.1%), respectively. This success resulted from Denovo expansion and record-breaking growth within existing practices. Koert’s reputation for delivering ambitious business goals is rooted in his ability to transform organizational cultures, shifting the focus from profits to prioritizing patient well-being. He achieves this by ensuring clear and aligned objectives throughout the organization, driving operational efficiency, executing strategies effectively, and delivering an outstanding patient experience, which accelerates community-driven growth.

In addition to his achievements as a multi-unit dental executive, one of Koert’s notable strategic accomplishments was the creation and implementation of a pioneering dental implant initiative. Under his leadership, a cross-departmental team successfully launched an innovative hands-on dental implant residency program. This program focused on assisting General Dentists in adopting and implementing a digital workflow and implant treatment process (including Single, Multiple & Full Arch restorations) through collaboration with specialists and laboratories. A foundation of this success was case acceptance training, which resulted in substantial revenue growth and nationwide implementation, benefiting a network of over 1000 dental practices.

Throughout his career, Koert has been recognized with numerous awards, including Runner-Up Regional Area of the Year and President’s Circle with PDS, Region of the Year, President’s Award, Outstanding Sales Achievement at Nobel Biocare, and Rookie of the Year at Patterson Dental Company, where he began his professional journey.

Koert’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Economics from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, as well as a Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. He further augmented his education by completing a graduate certificate at the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership in Boston.

He has served on several boards.  Most recently, he served as a director on the board of Carecru, a Saas based all-in-one team productivity and intelligent automation software platform focused on supporting DSOs, Group and Solo Dental Offices.   In addition, he currently serves on the Dental Care for Children Board providing complimentary dental care for children throughout central and north America as well has served as a board member for Folsom’s Hope providing mentoring, after school programs and community events to underserved children and families.

Koert exemplifies a profound dedication to serving the youth in his community through his role as the founder of Athletes In Devotion, a faith-based student athlete group. This organization is centered around fostering character and leadership development, with the ultimate aim of transforming the lives of young individuals they encounter, both on and off the field. He serves as a mentor to high school aged  kids for District Christian Academy and is currently the defensive line coach for his local football team.

Blessed with the opportunity to make a difference through his business and volunteer work, Koert deeply values the significance of quality time spent with his family. Having enjoyed 17 years of marriage, he deeply treasures his spouse and three children, accompanied by their beloved companion, Bucky, the family dog. In addition to his active involvement in the community, Koert finds immense pleasure in engaging in various recreational activities, including skiing, golfing, and fishing.


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CareCru Inc.


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Nobel Biocare

Our Leadership Model

A leader’s personal leadership model serves as a foundation for their approach to leadership and guides their actions, decisions, and behaviors. It represents their unique philosophy, values, and principles that they adhere to in their leadership role. A personal leadership model is invaluable for a leader and the people they serve as it provides clarity, self-awareness, consistency, communication, development, and inspiration.
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