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I. Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

Effective leadership is essential in today’s competitive business landscape. Executive coaching and leadership development are powerful tools for enhancing leadership capabilities. They support leaders in unlocking their full potential, providing new perspectives and confidence in decision-making. At Invicta, we tailor development strategies to individual needs, creating a safe space for growth. Leadership development integrates personal and professional dimensions, empowering leaders to drive organizational growth.

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II. Strategic Planning, Advisory Services and Situational Business Coaching

Invicta supports the growth and expansion of dental and healthcare sectors. With extensive executive-level experience, we assist emerging DSOs, group practices, and specialty practices. Our focus is on establishing a strong foundation, aligning vision, mission, and values. We collaborate closely with clients to develop planning cycles, implement governance processes, and identify key performance indicators. Through our expertise and network, we empower executives to make strategic decisions for success in the industry.

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III. Operational Excellence: Process Improvement and Execution

Drawing on over 30 years of industry and executive operational experience, along with the expertise of our subject matter experts, Invicta ensures that operational processes align with industry standards and best practices observed in top-performing dental offices nationwide. These leading offices prioritize defined processes, trusting that adherence to them will yield desired results and achieve goals. By creating scalable and efficient processes that prioritize exceptional patient and employee experiences, Invicta provides a crucial competitive advantage, allowing clients to capture more market share and expand their capacity.

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IV. Subject Matter Experts: Cutting-Edge Experts Access and Connectivity

With 30 years of experience, Invicta has cultivated strong relationships with industry-leading subject matter experts who contribute significantly to our clients’ strategies and goals. These experts offer valuable real-world experience, insights, and practical solutions that positively impact organizational objectives. Our rigorous selection process ensures their expertise and reputation in various roles within the DSO and healthcare sectors. While not exhaustive, the following categories outline the areas in which we provide support:

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